2s4y this week

i made this sketches this week too...and i even made the bonus...:-) 


Postat av: rae

Oh wow, your cards are FABulous!! Great take on both sketches!!

2009-01-31 @ 13:42:31
URL: http://simplyrae.blogspot.com
Postat av: Ivanka

Great cards! I love the flower and the trim on the first one and the Halloween one is very funky. Great take on both sketches.

2009-01-31 @ 18:01:32
Postat av: Kazan Clark

Hi There

Laura is out of town so I am filling in for her - I am impressed that you did both sketches and they are so different too. I am sooo loving that pirate card - super super clever.

Thanks for playing

:) Kazan

2009-01-31 @ 18:21:17
URL: http://nunutoolies.blogspot.com
Postat av: Heidi Van Laar

These are both wonderful! Love that pirate card with the note peeking through! Great takes on the sketches!

2009-02-01 @ 00:36:59
URL: http://vanlaardesigns.blogspot.com

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